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Company Profile

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First, the basic situation:
Jiangxi Fengcheng Xinying Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The legal representative Zhu Hongliang is a professional enterprise engaged in scrap copper processing, rolling and electric power fittings. Its business scope: processing scrap copper, copper row rolling, electric power fittings production and processing Production and operation address: No. 15, Huoju 2nd Road, Fengcheng High-tech Industrial Park, the company covers an area of ​​86 acres and a construction area of ​​13,000 square meters. The main construction contents include: office building, steel structure workshop, staff dormitory, factory road, canteen, Wall, greening, etc.), with a total investment of 45 million yuan.
Second, the honors won:
2009-2018: Top 100 Taxpayers, Tax Contribution Awards, Special Contribution Awards
Outstanding Contribution Award, Excellent Enterprise, Tax Contribution Award, Advanced Enterprise, Social Welfare Enterprise
Third, the state of enterprise development
In recent years, due to the increasing demand for copper products, the demand for copper products processing in China reached 5 million tons in 2014, and the market prospect is very good. To this end, on the basis of an existing project of 30,000 tons of copper wire and copper rod rolling production line, the company will build a production line project for supporting copper row manufacturing, and build a copper production and processing enterprise with a certain scale and level in Fengcheng. To promote the circular economy of Fengcheng City and make positive contributions to the promotion of new industrialization.
At present, the company has a total of 56 employees, including 20 production personnel, 5 management and engineering technicians. The main products are copper platoons and copper rods. The main purpose of the products is as raw materials for wire and cable production. The company mainly produces orders. Mainly, and in short supply, the products are mainly sold to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places. The main customers are Zhejiang Enwei Electric Co., Ltd., Fujian Lianfu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Red Bull Electric Co., Ltd., Jiangxia Po Electric Co., Ltd., Shandong Hongmao Copper Industry Co., Ltd.
In 2015, the output value was 150 million yuan, the sales volume reached 3,800 tons, and the tax payment was 9 million yuan. In 2016, the output value was 180 million and the sales volume was 5,000 tons. In 2017, the output value was 330 million, the sales volume was 8,000 tons, the output value in 2018 was 770 million, the sales volume was 17 million tons, and the expected output value in 2019 was 1.4 billion.
IV. Overview of public welfare undertakings
Since 2012, our company has absorbed 14 disabled employees. The number of disabled employees has risen to 20, and the processing and production process of metal products is simple and easy to operate. It is very conducive to arranging the employment of disabled people in our city, and the special nature of disabled workers. Arranging the work they can do, our company has developed and established a set of systems and facilities that are conducive to the production and life of disabled workers, including establishing pensions, medical care, unemployment, work-related injuries, etc. according to national policies, and barrier-free facilities in the company. Free of food, shelter, etc., so that the majority of disabled people in our city not only further feel the superiority of socialist policies, the government cares for them, let them rely on them, raise them, and personally feel the warmth of welfare enterprises.
V. Market prospects
Our company is engaged in scrap copper acquisition and processing, actively responding to the national call, engaged in green production, and actively explored the domestic market this year. Now the domestic market has gradually opened up, the support of national policies, and the quality of our products have been recognized by customers.
Market scenario: In recent years, the state has vigorously supported waste recycling, reuse, and promoted industrial green development. The current policy has already landed. Our company has always been aiming at the production and development of high-quality copper products. In recent years, our products have also been recognized by our customers. Our company is also undergoing continuous transformation, from traditional production enterprises to production services. Enterprise, better service customers.

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