China's copper industry accelerates to turn blueprint into reality

China Copper's 2019 mid-year work conference was held in China Aluminum Building. Ge Honglin, Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of Chinalco Group, Member of the Party Group and Deputy General Manager of Chinalco Group, Liu Jianping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Copper, and Li Mingqiu, Deputy Director of the Yunnan SASAC attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Ge Honglin pointed out that in the first half of the year, the net profit attributable to the parent company of China Copper ranked first in all sectors, making a positive contribution to the group's new high performance, marking that the reorganization of China Copper and Yunye has achieved a multi-win goal and achieved better than expected. The integration effect has achieved better business performance than expected, and achieved better than expected party building work. This fully proves that the strategic cooperation between Chinalco Group and the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government is successful, and it fully proves that the new team of China Copper is willing to fight tough battles and be good at winning battles. It is worthy of the trust and responsibility of the party group, and the development of Xinzhong Copper is promising.

Ge Honglin demanded that in the next step, Xinzhongtong should accelerate the transformation of the blueprint into reality. First, the operating results should be better. Be a good vanguard, go all out to deal with various risks and challenges, do everything possible to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, further release the dividends of strategic restructuring and deepening reforms, outperform the market, outperform the general trend, outperform your peers, outperform yourself, and ensure that Exceeded the target tasks for the year. Second, reform and innovation should be faster. We must closely focus on the general tone of reform, innovation, transformation and upgrading, continue to promote supply-side structural reform, accelerate asset integration, optimize and strengthen the two core core businesses of copper and lead and zinc, optimize the upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chains, and innovate and develop collaborative supporting industries. According to the "4+4+4" strategic layout, continue to optimize the industrial layout and implement the overseas China Copper strategy. Third, safety and environmental protection should be stricter. It is necessary to adhere to the problem-oriented approach, make brilliant, practical and ruthless moves, resolutely win the "three tough battles", and earnestly establish the image of a responsible central enterprise.

Ge Honglin emphasized that New China Copper should lead high-quality development with high-quality party building. First, the theme education should have new practical effects. It is necessary to study through the whole process, conduct in-depth investigation and research, find out the problem, dig deep into the root cause, and clarify the direction of efforts and improvement measures. It is necessary to prescribe the right medicine, improve the system and mechanism, and plug the management loopholes. The "top leaders" of the party and government of enterprises at all levels must take the lead in learning, investigation and research, inspection of problems, and implementation of rectification, and use excellent business performance to test the effectiveness of theme education. The second is that Party officials should take new measures. We must resolutely implement the party's organizational line in the new era, and implement the standard of good cadres in the new era of being loyal, clean and responsible. Adhere to strict management and love, and implement strict management of cadres throughout the entire process of cadre team building. The third is to strictly manage the party and have new actions. We must resolutely do a good job in inspecting and rectifying the "second half of the article", strengthen the implementation of rectification and the application of results, and promote reform and development. It is necessary to promote the construction of a system that cannot, dare not, and do not want to be corrupt, tighten the "cage" of the system, let the system "grow teeth", and let the discipline "charged". It is necessary to strengthen the construction of work style, pay close attention to the implementation of the eight central regulations, and continue to change the "four styles" to work styles. It is necessary to start a new journey of building a world-class copper-lead-zinc enterprise with global competitiveness in the style of "four betters and one good".

Liu Jianping pointed out that China's copper industry is in a critical period and a period of opportunity for restructuring, integration, transformation and upgrading, and accelerated development. It shoulders the high expectations of the party group of the group and the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government. A new journey of high-quality development. The first is to keep in mind the original mission. Adhere to the goal of building "two platforms, one base, and three hundred billion industries", achieve a blueprint to the end, run one after another, and write a new chapter of high-quality development. The second is to face up to the advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to coordinate the layout, turn disadvantages into advantages, and promote quality and efficiency changes with dynamic changes to achieve high-quality development. The third is to be firm in the direction of the goal. Adhere to the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, comprehensively deepen reforms, comprehensively and accurately manage, and innovate "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division", speed up changes in quality, efficiency, and power, and build an integrated development model for the entire industry chain.

Liu Jianping emphasized that in the second half of the year, China Copper should continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of the central leadership's important instructions on the group's party building work, in accordance with the group's party group deployment and mid-year work meeting arrangements, to carry out "not forgetting the original intention, remember the mission" theme education and convening The company's first party congress is an opportunity to implement the general requirements of the annual work of "deep reform, fine management, fast integration, and multi-profit", maintain the state of "starting is a sprint, and a decisive battle at the beginning", and win the start year of Xinzhongtong New victory. First, give full play to the leading role of party building work. Continue to carry out the theme education of "not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission", carefully prepare for the first party congress, strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations, continue to deepen the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, and accelerate the construction of corporate culture. The second is to go all out to complete the annual production and operation goals and tasks. Strengthen reform to tackle tough problems and cultivate new kinetic energy; increase production and operation to strive for innovative performance; accelerate the consolidation of foundation and strictly prevent risks. The third is to build a high-quality professional cadre talent team. Adhere to the party's management of cadres, strive to be promising cadres, and make up for the shortcomings of talents.

Xu Bo, assistant to the general manager of Chinalco Group, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of China Copper, made a work report for the first half of the year. The report summarizes the current situation and goals of Xinzhong Copper, reviews the achievements of China's copper industry in the first half of the year, and makes arrangements for various tasks in the second half of the year. Since 2019, China Copper has firmly grasped the historical opportunity of strategic restructuring, comprehensively and strictly governed the party and the enterprise, and achieved various goals for half a year. New China Copper has started well. In the second half of the year, China Copper will conscientiously implement the spirit of the group's mid-year work conference, focus on resource reserves, overseas layout, capital operation, continue to carry out special work, accelerate project construction, accelerate reform and innovation, effectively prevent and resolve risks, and resolutely Win the "three tough battles", comprehensively and strictly strengthen party building, resolutely complete annual tasks, and lay a solid foundation for accelerating the pace of high-quality development.

The meeting organized and learned the spirit of the Chinalco Group's mid-year work conference in 2019, and listened to the report on the mid-year economic operation of China Copper Industry and the "one report and two comments" briefing on the selection and employment of personnel in 2017-2018.

The participants discussed the development ideas, directions and strategic measures of Xinzhong Copper in groups according to mining, smelting, and processing cooperative enterprises.