Another innovative studio of China Copper wins provincial name

Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions decided to name Xu Chengdong Innovation Studio as the second batch of "Yunling Craftsman Innovation Studio", which is the first batch of "Cloud Craftsmen Innovation Studio" named by Geng Jiasheng Innovation Studio by the Yunnan Federation of Trade Unions in 2018. After "Ling Craftsman Innovation Studio", China Copper Industry has won another honor in the construction of industrial workers in the new era. China Copper has also become the only unit in the province that currently has 2 "Yunling Craftsmen" and 2 "Yunling Craftsman Innovation Studios".

It is reported that the "Yunling Craftsman" tree selection activity of Yunnan Federation of Trade Unions has attracted much attention from the society since it was launched in 2016. On the basis of strict review procedures, Yunnan Province has been selected for its craftsmanship, mastery of superb skills, leading role, and outstanding achievements. The industry elites who contributed with ingenuity and quality have been selected. At present, two tree selection activities have been carried out, and a total of 29 "Yunling Craftsman Innovation Studios" have been named.

Xu Chengdong is the smelting team leader of the smelting plant of Yunnan Chihong Resources Comprehensive Utilization Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in lead smelting for 23 years, and has been sticking to the position of Isa furnace for the past 13 years. Over the years, he has been diligent in learning, courageous in practice, and continuous innovation, not only showing superb lead smelting technology, but also showing the spirit of model workers and craftsmen who are not afraid of difficulties, keep improving, and pursue excellence, and become the leader of Lectra's lead smelting furnace. The core figures have made positive contributions to the improvement of economic benefits of the company, and demonstrated the style of workers in China's lead smelting industry. In recent years, Xu Chengdong and the team he led have devoted themselves to the process of participating in many projects, and have put forward good solutions to the technical problems such as excessive lead slag, short lifespan of the spray gun, high dust rate, and shaking of the furnace body during the smelting and reduction process. . At the same time, Xu Chengdong took the studio as a platform, taught by words and deeds, and actively led his disciples. He and his team organized and implemented more than 10 innovative projects, and obtained 5 national patents and authorizations.